With your support, Be Planet Kind, is working with others to make the planet a better, kinder place.

Planting Trees

I've partnered with Just One Tree (, a UK-based, non-profit initiative removing CO2 from the atmosphere through global reforestation.  From January 27th, I'm delighted to say that, for every order over £15, a tree will be planted! 

Why is it so important that we plant trees?

  • Forests are the lungs of the planet. They clean the air, absorbing the carbon dioxide and storing the carbon, and releasing the oxygen back into the atmosphere.

  • Forests can provide 30% of the solution to keeping rising global temperatures below​ 2°

  • They provide homes for hundreds of living creatures and each tree plays host to complex microhabitats.

  • The reforestation process has the ability to improve the lives ​of those living in challenging conditions. The communities which Just One Tree support face a variety of serious issues, including extreme poverty, reduced crop yield, water issues, climate change, resource depletion and ever changing weather patterns.​


This is one measure that will help us to combat climate change together.

Plastic Free July 2021

From the 5th-17th July, £1 from your orders (over £15) supported Norfolk Beach Cleans in their efforts to remove ocean plastic from the Norfolk coast.

This money will be used to buy their own resources, including high quality litter pickers, bin bag hoops and gloves that will enable more people, and greater flexibility in organising further beach clean volunteering events.

Be Planet Kind plants a tree with Just One Tree for every order over £15 and you can add further trees to be planted to your order to increase your positive impact.
Be Planet Kind gives back to the community through charity donations and tree planting to help make the world a better and kinder place


May 2021

A small, but still important, donation of £16 was made to the Disaster Emergency Committee's Coronavirus Appeal in India to help people protect themselves from the virus, keep frontline workers safe, and ensure that the secondary effects of the pandemic don't leave people going hungry.

December 2020 


After launching in November, I was delighted to donate £64.54 to local Norfolk charity, Star Throwers, as 10% of sales taken in the two weeks after Black Friday. 


Thank you to all who supported and shopped planet-kind to help those diagnosed with cancer.