My Eco Story

Rachel, Founder of eco shop Be Planet Kind, Norfolk

Simple eco choices and delightfully effective swaps


Hi, I'm Rachel and I live in Norwich, with easy access to local woods, the river Yare, and close to the Norfolk Broads and the beautiful beaches.  I've been making small changes, one-by-one to the way I live, though I'm still very much a work in progress, in leading a more sustainable lifestyle, small changes really do add up.


Be Planet Kind started because the more I learnt as I researched the things I allowed into my home, the less I wanted to buy commercial products. I found there was an overwhelming and confusing amount of choice, eco-jargon and greenwashing, and that time, knowledge and affordability were barriers to people in making more conscious choices. I also found that the hard water in Norfolk meant a lot of products disappointed me and weren't that effective at solving a problem (particularly shampoo bars!). 

I started Be Planet Kind to make it simple for you to find and enjoy eco-friendly alternatives that work for you. 

I do that by testing them and setting your expectations, and giving you the knowledge you need on products, companies and environmental issues to find effective, and often beautiful, environmentally-friendly products which combat waste and our throwaway culture. They will alleviate eco-guilt and meet (or exceed) your expectations to help us all reduce our impact on the planet.  





Conscious shopping: my commitment to you

I hope Be Planet Kind can help you on your green journey, and I have lots of plans to help make this easier for you. However far along this you are, Be Planet Kind wants to help you find a better normal; for you, nature and the planet. 

Be Planet Kind aims are to:

•    encourage more people to try the growing volume of great eco-friendly products - and find ways to make it easier for them to choose and succeed with their swaps e.g products which work even in hard water.
•    to support sustainable small business who care about their products and those who use them
•    to help towards the momentum of a new normal - where packaging, impact and disposal of a product are considered and convenience is not the top priority
•    to help reduce waste and pollution and aid the creation of a circular economy
•    to enable the planting of more trees for the benefit and recovery of the planet  ​

Your support matters to those creating a new normal for everyday products

There's growing support for better accountability and responsibility for how we treat the planet. The more of us supporting forward-thinking producers, makers and retailers for a healthier, balanced future, the better.  Whilst making these small changes you will be supporting independent, UK-based, small. eco-businesses and hand-crafters.


Every single product bought uses your power as a consumer to show how you think the world could, and should be. Power to you!