Did you know many teabags contain plastic? It's often sealing the bag with plastic which is the problem (though there are certain makes which are plastic free), which means you could be introducing microplastics into your compost heap or food waste or even digesting them. 


For this reason, or if you just prefer the taste of loose leaf tea but hate the clean up afterwards, then these reusable teabgas could be for you!  Instead of using a tea basket or strainer these are a simple zero waste and reusable option for making a cuppa with that authentic taste.  The string is even long enough to use in a teapot and you can fill the bag with enough leaves too. 


  • plastic free
  • reusable
  • zero waste
  • packaging free
  • made of GOTS certified organic cotton
  • natural unbleached cotton, with no dye


They can also be used for numerous other purposes; as a soap bag for the little pieces as the bar gets smaller and crumbles, or to store and drip dry shampoo or soap bars. Using a bag can help them to lather well too. 

4 Reusable Organic Tea Bags

  • Wash before use. Fill with enough loose leaf tea for a cup or pot and add boiling water. Allow to brew and then remove. Allow bag to cool, tip inside out into a food waste or compost pile. Rinse and use again shortly afterwards, or allow to air dry. Wash and air dry regularly to keep it hygenic.