Never throw a straw away again and help reduce both single-use plastic AND micro-plastics from entering our oceans.


These six standard (24.5cm long, 5mm inside diameter) straws are brightly-coloured Premium Food-Grade Reusable Silicone. They are non-toxic and contain no plastic-fillers! You can tell whether its 100% pure premium grade silicone by simply pinching, twisting, or pulling the silicone, if it turns white then it has fillers! Our Food-Grade Silicone is 100% Pure, take the pinch test and try!


Come with a unique biodegradable plant-based cleaning brush and a plastic- free, GOTS certified, organic cotton carry pouch with a secure drawstring closure. Made of natural thick organic cotton canvas. GOTS certified and with fair wages.


In addition they are:

  • packaged in recycled card
  • Designed by a UK company committed to eliminating micro-plastics 
  • 100% VEGAN 
  • Have a lifetime guarantee


About ecoLiving


ecoLiving is a distributor for high-quality sustainable products and producer of zero waste products. All products are manufactured responsibly and are plastic-free and vegan. 

6 Reusable Rainbow-coloured STANDARD Silicone Straws & Brush - eco Living

  • Easy - you won't notice much difference when using it but you do need to remember to have one with you when you need it, and obviously it will need washing after use.

    Using this set not only helps reduce singe-use paper straws but is also designed to help eliminate micro-plastic with its handy plant-based cleaning brush. With plastic alternatives, the plastic bristles  fall off while washing up and find their way through our drains and into our oceans.  These microplastics never degrade and cause harm to the entire ecosystem.  With plant bristle cleaners there is no risk of plastic entering our ocean. 

    Additionally, this organic cotton carry pouch will not release micro-plastics in the wash like microfibre bags.

  • Never be without a straw - just fold one or more of these up and take out with you! They are soft on your teeth, easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Long-lasting and durable, easy to manoeuvre to get the perfect drinking position, and long enough for tall drinks (though can also be cut to a shorter size if you prefer).