Plant-based floss in plant-based packaging this really is eco floss!   Made of corn and food-grade vegetable wax only.


Made with 100% renewable resources (instead of crude oil), making use of a previously wasted by-product from the food industry. This EcoFloss uses 80% fewer greenhouse gases. It's 100% vegan, palm oil free, cruelty free(unlike silk floss) and plastic free (unlike nylon floss).  The packaging,  made from plant-based bioplastic, is actually the dispenser and the cardboard is FSC. 


50m bobbins.

Designed in the UK but made in Europe. 


ecoLiving plant a tree for with item sold with the Eden reforestation Project.

Biodegradable Dental Floss

  • Easy!

  • Tear along the dotted line and remove the sticker. Open the case and thread the floss through so this becomes the dispenser. 


    Use as normal.