Make snack time fun! Kids and adults are sure to love these snack reusable bags and cute designs, and as well as being functional they are:


  • reusable
  • washable
  • handmade in the UK
  • contains no lead, BPA or phthalates
  • certified for repeated use in food storage


Handmade by Charlotte in Norwich from Cotton and Velcro and  lined with a Certified Food Safe PUL Fabric, these small snack bags are great for taking out with you for picnics or outings, or for storing leftover food in for short periods. They will help you to cut down on using single-use cling film and plastic sandwich bags when you are out which will just be thrown away after a few hours.


These can be used again and again and washed in between uses if needed. I've even found they've changed my mindset about snacks and rather than grabbing something like a pre-wrapped mini cheese, I now cut a few slices from the block in the fridge and place in the snack bag. 


Roughly 11cm by 10.5cm.  


Available in small and large sizes, and in sandwich wraps. Variety of prints including Unicorns, Dinosaurs (2 colour options) and Bee prints too.


Certified Food Safe PUL is waterproof, breathable  and durable (tested to withstand 300+). washings).

Small Dinosaur Print Reusable Snack Bag - Love Reusable

  • Super easy - these make snack time a joy and there's no need to cart rounds lots of plastic wrappers once snacktime is over.

    They are light and, once your snack has been eaten, they take up hardly any space, unlike box containers which will remain the same size and can get bulky if you are carrying lots of them.

  • Just use, and reuse. Wash at up to 40 degrees when needed and these will last ages, saving a great deal of plastic, and money on disposable cling film and pre-wrapped snacks.