This gift set contains some of m favourite swaps which will help anyone to free their daily routine of unncessary plastic!


  • 2in1 Shampoo & Conditioner bar, Zero Waste Path - Say hello to a good hair day with this transition-free (4 types to choose from). 
  • Natural deodorant, Kutis Skincare  - A deodorant in cardboard packaging with no nasties! A variety of scents available in both vegan (marked V in options) and non-vegan formulas. 
  • Detox Washing Grains, Kutis Skincare - come in a glass jar and can be used daily or as a regular deep cleanser. Team with these fantastic handmade make up removers - with three different types you are bound to find one which does the job!
  • Heart-shaped bath bomb, The Natural Spa - a little bath time treat too.


All of these are vegan, plastic and cruelty free and come in recyclable or biodegradable packaging. 

Packaged ready to gift 


These all come packaged in a pretty but planet-friendly box, filled with wood wool and tied with twine. The outside is stamped with Be Planet Kind's logo and a 'To and From' label. 


This will then be packaged up so that it arrives and can be taken out of the postal packaging in pristine condition ready to gift, or be received.


More details: 



One of our bestsellers, this Zero Waste Path 2 in 1 Shampoo will convert anyone struggling to swap from bottled products. 


  • unscented and ph-balanced 
  • suitable for coloured hair
  • no transition phase and no need for an acid rinse 
  • works in hard water areas
  • palm oil free
  • handmade in Cambridge,UK
  • made using 100% renewable energy
  • packaging is recycled unbleached cardboard box (made in Italy by Giulio’s family and shipped plastic-free)


Weight: ~70g (40 washes).

Available in 4 types: Normal, Dry & Curly, Oily & Fine and Itchy Scalp. (See each listing for more information and full ingredients list.)



Made from all natural ingredients, these really work for normal every day wear.  Using sunflower wax (vegan formula) or organic beeswax to create the base of this product, and teaming with key ingredients such as bicarbonate of soda, arrowroot powder and coconut oil, this deodorant gives you the lasting freshness without all the nasty stuff that can be found in commercial deodorants. 


This deodorant comes in a 100% biodegradable paperboard push-up tube!  The essential oil blends hav been carefully seleceted to ensure each scent contains anti-bacterial and odour fighting properties. Chose from 7 scents, 3 of which are vegan and pictured separately above.


Face Washing Grains

Mix these with water to create a gentle face wash, great for those looking for a soap free alternative. These are versatile, gentle and refreshing  and contain finely ground plant powders, cleansing clays and essential oils, to leave skin feeling cleansed, smooth and refreshed. Use it everyday or apply as a mask. 


Make Up Remover Wipes

This pretty pack of 6 wipes is perfect for those looking to switch and who want to either try several different types before committing, have numerous different jobs for the wipes to do, or have combination skin. They contain 2 Super Soft, 2 Soft & Smooth and 2 Soft & Scrub wipes in colourful and bright designs.


1 - Ditch The Plastic Everyday Routine Gift Set 1

  • Washing Grains

    These takes a little more time to use as there are a few additional steps. It feels different to soap but in a very natural tactile way - and the results are really pleasing. No drying of the skin and it really brightens too.


    Super easy - For everyday normal use, this deodorant is a great switch as it's in a familiar and easy-to-use format. All you need to do is push the bottom of the inner paperboard push-up tube (yay- it's biodegradable) and swipe under you arm. 

    Being made from natural products, this deodrant helps to stop you smelling when you sweat. This is unlike many commercial antipersperants which aim to block the sweat glands and stop natural function so you don't sweat at all, and which can contain Aluminimum about which health concerns have been raised.

    If you are tackling challenging exercise and/or perspire a lot, you may need something extra- but try it and let us know! 


    Easy - Switching to some shampoo bars can be quite tricky but this works well without any additional steps - even in hard water which is amazing. 

    This is because they are made with some natural-derived and palm-oil-free surfactants. These are gentle, PH-balanced and are sulphate-free which means no need for an acid rinse and no transition.

    It lathers and conditions well - but you do need to remember to leave it in your hair for a little while for it to be able to do this!  It conditions well but I have found it can feel more difficult to get a brush through my hair without also running  additional conditioner through it too.  I think this is just something we've become accustomed too, and sometimes I don't bother and my hair still feels lovely and soft once brushed.

  • Washing Grains

    You'll need a spoon or stick to gather a little of the grain, place in the palm of your hand and mix a few drops of water with. You could even have a little mixing pot to stop from spilling some as you mix. 


    As the base is made of wax, you may find that in colder weather it just needs a little holding against your skin to warm before swiping so that the product applies easier.


    Rub the bar directly on your hair or you can lather it in your
    hands and use the lather to wash your hair. You can begin by washing your roots first, and then rinse thoroughly.

    To make sure to get the most out of the conditioning ingredients of the 2in1 shampoos, apply some lather on your hair lengths and ends, and leave for 1-2 minutes (or longer if you need extra conditioning), like you would with a traditional conditioner, and then rinse.

    Add a small amount of  whichever conditioner bar through your hair if you prefer your hair to be super easy to brush afterwards. A little will do since this bar will already have conditoned your hair. 

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