Return to traditional plastic-free shaving with Bambaw’s stylish safety razor. The Bambaw zero-waste razor provides a close shave for both men and women. Each razor handle is made of a unique stem of bamboo (so they will have slightly different colours and patterns). Whether it is used in the shower, bath or over the sink: The long bamboo handle will stay grippy.


A useless marketing battle has led cartridge razors to embed 5 blades. That many blades irritate the skin and favours ingrown hair. All you need is one razor sharp blade to achieve that perfect shave.


It's ideal for beginners as it has been designed so it's easy to use and the closed comb makes it less aggressive than an open comb. Shaving with the eco-friendly razor is different from a cartridge razor. Therefore, a complete and illustrated online user manual is included.


In the box you will find 1 Bambaw safety razor, 1 Astra razor blade and an in-depth digital user manual.


About Bambaw


Bambaw rock the status-quo of consumerism by developing sustainable alternatives to single use products. Waste as we know it today is a human invention, less than a century old. Consumerism took a wrong turn, choking the planet with billions of tons of trash. Our mission is to rethink the way we consume and offer durable alternatives to wasteful products, which we call zero-waste swaps. Our zero-waste swaps are crafted with the lowest eco-footprint possible and under fair conditions in the whole production chain. All our products are shipped in CO2 neutrality and are packed plastic free.

Double Edge Safety Razor, Bamboo & Stainless Steel - Bambaw

  • Takes some time to get used to - This is a great and easy swap but you need to take more time  over a shave and be more mindful and gentle, letting the razor do the work and guiding it rather than dragging it.

    I was a bit nervous of using it but I had no probelms except for a  few small nicks as I got used to how to use it. I would definitely reccomend giving the manual a quick look to understand it. 

    It does a great job, will save money in the long run as replacement blades are so cheap, handles nicely and feels great and saves a huge amount of 'disposable' throwaway plastic! 

  • Do take a look at the manual, it gives you a great overview. Make sure you have some time set aside to enjoy and do not rush this task. It's actaully pretty therapeutic.