The perfect gift for someone starting off on their green journey is our 'Eco-Wash Everything' Set!


This set has everything you could need to start cleaning your teeth, hair, clothes and dishes with more environmentally-friendly products and all of these are really easy and effective swaps.  Products carry some or all of the folowing credentials; Vegan, Zero-waste, Plastic-free, Cruelty-free, made from renewable materials or biodegradable. 


Wash Everywhere Kit contains:

  • Wash your Teeth - Bamboo Toothbrush by Bamboo Club (available in 4 colours - Grey and White currently out of stock ) and Tooth tablets by ecoLiving.
  • Wash your Hair - 2in1 Shampoo + conditioner (No transition phase - 4 hair types to choose from). 
  • Wash your Clothes - Laundry Detergent Strips. Just throw in the washing drum. 1 strip = 1 load.
  • Wash your Dishes - Choose from 2 options either a  Compostable Sponge and Dish Washing Soap Bar OR Wooden Brush (100% FSC) and Rainbow compostable cloths. This is offered as the Dish washing soap bar can take a little getting used to so changing the utensils used is an easier step for somone starting off on their green journey.  


Gift Box 


Gift Sets all come packaged in a planet-friendly cardboard box, filled with wood wool and tied with twine. The outside is stamped with Be Planet Kind's logo and a To and From message.


Packaged ready to gift 


This gift set will then be packaged up so that it arrives and can be taken out of the postal packaging in pristine condition ready to gift.


Eco-wash Everything Starter Set

  • Overall a really easy set of swaps!


    Bamboo toothbrushes may feel a little weird the first or second time you use them but after that you are unlikely to notice anything. Toothtabs are so convenient, are less harsh in your mouth but do need storing outside of damp environments. 


    No transition period, no additional steps, just leave it in a little longer if you want it to also condition. It's scent free (but you can use other lovely smelling things to wash your body) and it does an awesome job on your hair! 


    Soooo easy! Since they’re strips you don’t need measure at all. There's no figuring out the best amount to use, you just use a single strip every time (though more or less can be used) - mess and hassle-free every time. Great results too. 


    No real difference here with the utensils except that the end product won't pollute the planet for hundreds of years to come! 

    The soap bar takes a little getting used to since it doesn't foam - something we've been conditioned to think makes things clean! . The organic plant-based ingredients are tough on grease yet gentle to your hands.  The rinse water is so mild it can be used on your plants! 100% natural dish, biodegradable, plastic free and contains No Palm Oil. 

  • Tooth tablets - Chew a tablet until it turns creamy. Brush your teeth with a wet toothbrush as usual. Spit. Done!

     Shampoo - Rub the bar directly on your hair or you can lather it in your hands and use the lather to wash your hair. You can begin by washing your roots first, and then rinse thoroughly.

    To make sure to get the most out of the conditioning ingredients of the 2in1 shampoos, apply some lather on your hair lengths and ends, and leave for 2 minutes (or longer if you need extra conditioning), like you would with a traditional conditioner, and then rinse.

    Laundry Detergent Strips - 1 strip= 1 wash. Just detach a strip and place it in the washing machine drum. Add clothes and start washing machineFor heavily soiled laundry, use 2 strips. Small loads - half a strip. Paper packaging can be recycled or composted after use!

    Utensils as normal.

    Dish Washing Soap Bar - Use a brush or cloth on this directly to make a lather, instead of running under the tap. It doesn't foam and will turn the water cloudy coloured (like soap) so it will seem strange but it does a great job of cleaning and will help to save huge amounts of plastic!