Environmentally friendly but are also attractive and practical to use, these soft, reusable pads are made with organic bamboo french terry and backed with cotton. Use to remove make-up and cleanse the face.

Each cloth measures approx 3.5 inches in diameter and there are five in each pack. Wipes will need pressing back into shape after washing.


About Badger & Bobbins


Badger and Bobbins is a handmade business based in Sheffield.  They are passionate about reducing waste and, in particular, reducing the need for single-use plastics.  They believe in providing simple alternatives to single or limited use items helping people to make sustainable choices.  Our mantra is, small changes made by many people can make a big difference. 

Handmade Reusuable Make Up Pads x 5 - Badger & Bobbins

  • Easy - and, in my personal opinion, far more refreshing and tactile than disposable wipes since you can use with cold or hot water to help with make up and dirt removal. 

    Plus you don't have to keep investing in things you throw away and you are creating far less waste too.

  • Use to remove make up and dirt from your face or those of little munchkins. Use with soap and water,  oil (coconut, chamomile, rosehip are all ones I know can be used but do some research first as it will depend on your skin type) and warm water or your normal make up remover or a specially-formulated eco-friendly one if you are ready to swap. 

    Rinse thoroughly to prevent staining and then wash properly.

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