Another brilliant resource provided by nature, this natural and gentle plant-based sponge is so soft that it can be used even on  babies skin. It's perfect for those with senstive skin and can be used on the face or body for anything from washing and cleansing, to make-up and toner application. 


  • plastic free (and packaging free!)
  • vegan
  • cruelty free
  • natural and biodegradable
  • compostable


A great natural alternative to man-made sponges or sea sponges (made from living creatures), it's made from the Konjac Plant and is 100% natural. A much kinder chose than artificial sponges which are often made from polyurethane foam, the manufacturing process of which emits ozone-depleting chemicals. It also remoes the need to harvest Sea Sponges, which the Australian Marine Conservation Society say are under threat of extinction due to over-harvesting, as well as other addtional factors. 


Face and Body Konjac Sponge

  • Another easy swap - just remember to soak to allow it to become soft first. 

  • Soak the Konjac sponge in water and it will change from being hard to soft and spongy.

    Use in circular motions on face or body and allow to dry natually. Don't wring out the sponge as it could damage the structure.

    It's reccomended to replace every 2-3 months. Once you are done, pop it in your home compost.