These products compliment each other beautifully in scent and feel. Reduce your plastic and go for  a natural deodorant and body lotion and save a few pennies by buying them as a bundle too! Choose from:



  • Kutis Deodorant - Orange and Patchouli (made with beeswax)
  • Zero Waste Path Sweet Solid Body Lotion - scented with sweet orange and cinnamon essential oils, which give it a sweet and cozy scent, with an underlying cocoa scent.



  • Kutis Deodorant - Grapefruit and Mandarin (Vegan)
  • Zero Waste Path Citrus Solid Body Lotion - scented with bergamot, grapefruit and thyme essential oils, giving it a vibrant and refreshing citrus scent, with an underlying cocoa scent.



  • Kutis Deodorant - Lavender & Geranium (Vegan)
  • Zero Waste Path Floral Solid Body Lotion - scented with lavender, palmarosa and ylang ylang essential oils, which create a delicate, sweet and floral blend, with an underlying cocoa scent.


More details:


  • Solid Body Lotion

This rich lotion bar from Zero Waste Path will deeply moisturise your skin in just one go!

The  Shea and Cocoa butter gives it an underlying chocolaty scent and intense moisturising and conditioning properties so it is absorbed easily into the skin, and perfect for extremely dry skin. The sweet almond oil is nourishing, and particularly good for dry skin while the extra virgin olive oil is hydrating but does not clog pores.


  • Plastic free
  • vegan
  • cruelty free
  •  made using 100% renewable energy
  • 100% recycled packaging - unbleached paper glued with a plastic-free natural almond-based glue.
  • Recyclable and/or compostable. A natural, almond-based glue is used on labels.


Please note that because this product is handmade, therefore, slight variations in shape, colour, scent and weight may occur.


Natural Deodorant


This is a really simple swap to cut out the plastic and possible nasties from your everyday routine.  It feels and smells lovely, and you use it like you would a normal deodrant or anti perspirant. 


It's made from all natural ingredients and really works for normal every day wear. The vegan natural deodorant formula uses sunflower wax, while the non-vegan natural deodorant organic beeswax, to create the base of this product. With key ingredients such as bicarbonate of soda, arrowroot powder and coconut oil this deodorant gives you the lasting freshness without all the nasty stuff that can be found in commercial deodorants. 


This deodorant comes in a 100% biodegradable paperboard push-up tube!  The essential oil blends have been carefully seleceted to ensure each scent contains anti-bacterial and odour fighting properties.


Natural Deodorant and Solid Body Lotion Bundle

  • Deodorant

    Super easy - For everyday normal use, these deodorants are a great switch as they are in a familiar and easy-to-use format. All you need to do is push the bottom of the inner paperboard push-up tube (yay- it's biodegradable) and swipe under you arm. 

    Being made from natural products, this deodrant helps to stop you smelling when you sweat. This is unlike many commercial antipersperants which aim to block the sweat glands and stop natural function so you don't sweat at all, and which can contain Aluminimum about which health concerns have been raised.

    If you are tackling challenging exercise and/or perspire a lot, you may need something extra- but try it and let us know! 

    Body Lotion

    Easy - you just need to get used to rubbing the bar onto your skin but it's a lovely sensation! And the smell is gorgeous (as long as you like cocoa too). 

  • Deodorant

    As the base is made of wax, you may find that in colder weather it just needs a little holding against your skin to warm before swiping so that the product applies easier.

    Body Lotion

    Just rub it on damp skin, or just dried skin, and massage it to help the absorption, and remember that a little goes a long way! Don't store this solid lotion in the shower though as the heat and moisture won't do it much good!