This is one of only a couple of products which I stock which isn't plastic free BUT there are lots of reasons I've chosen to stock this it.

This Bio D Concentrated Non-biological Laundry Washing Powder is suitable for hand and machine washing. It's fragrance free, accredited by Allergy UK and the concentrated formula is highly effective while gentle on even the most sensitive skin.

The packaging is plastic-lined to protect the contents but can be recycled under code 7 - check local recycling guidelines. Bio D use recycled plastic bottles for liquids and are constantly reviewing the impact of their packaging on the environment. Despite this product's pakaging not being plastic free, the product itself is so much better for the environment than a lot of commercial alternatives.


The reasons I chose to stock it, despite the plastic, are because it's


  • vegan
  • cruelty free
  • biodegradable
  • competitive price makes it very accessible to all
  • made in the UK
  • hypoallergenic and an allergy friendly product (Allergy UK)
  • an Ethical Consumer Best Buy
  • free from Chlorine, optical brighteners, synthetic perfumes or phosphates
  • it's also suitable for Septic Tanks


Bio D focus on making effective, natural and safe cleaning products which are environmentally responsible and have minimal impact. They source there ingredients ethically and their bottled products are made from 100% recyclable packaging,


1kg, lasts up to 17 washes.




15-30% Sodium Carbonate, 5-15% Sodium Percarbonate, Less than 5% Sodium Metasilicate Pentahydate, Anionic Surfactants, Soaping agents.

Non Bio Laundry Washing Powder, 1kg -Bio D

  • Easy - a swap to powder products can seem a little faffy again but it's worth it for the natural ingredients which are more environmentally friendly than other stain removers and does allow you to test what you need and adjust accordingly.  

    For me it washes well and leaves a light fresh scent to cleaned washing without being overpowering or non-existent. 

  • Wash between 30° – 90°C, following garment label instructions.

    For hand washing make sure the powder is fully dissolved before adding clothes and rinse items in clean water before drying.

    Wash hands after immersion.. People with damaged skin should  avoid prolonged contact with the washing solution or wear protective gloves.

    Bio-D Laundry Bleach can be used for stubborn stains or whitening power. 

    Soft Water:
    Normal Soiling – 50g-60g
    Handwash (10L) – 30g

    Medium Water:
    Normal - Heavy Soiling – 70g-80 
    Handwash (10L) – 30g

    Hard Water:
    Normal -Heavy Soiling – 90g- 100g 
    Handwash (10L) – 40g