These large bags are made from GOTS certified organic cotton and are handy for a variety of uses. Use them for loose/unpackaged food items when shopping, or to wash your reusable wipes in so they dont get lost in the washing machine. 


Measures  32cm x 45cm


These Organic Cotton Washbags are GOTS certified so:

  • they contain no harsh chemicals,
  • are better for the environment due to the way they are produced,
  • safe working conditions
  • no discrimination and no child labour
  • entire supply chain verified, even the farms must have certification to a legally recognised standard
  • GOTS Certification is carried out by independent companies and facilities are physically inspected to verify standards are met

Large Organic Cotton Drawstring Wash/ Grocery Bag

  • Whether swapping to reusable wipe or using these to shop and store fruit and veg, it's simple and easy to use these bags. They help to reduce waste and the amount of plastic needed.  

  • Simply pop your reusable wipes in the bag after use and when full, pull the cord and tie to secure it.

    Then pop it in the wash and air dry once done. Please note the bags may shrink slightly in the wash. 

    Likewise, if using to choose and store veg, do pop this in the wash every now and then.