100 compostable/ biodegradable vegan cotton buds, zero plastic and zero waste. These cotton swabs are made entirely from recycled FSC® Mix paper that doesn't use any new natural resources, is sustainable & is made in Europe with a super low carbon footprint. The cotton used is grown without synthetic pesticides (so no atmospheric contamination) and is certified Fairtrade which means purchases make a true difference to the lives of families, farmers, and workers.


Millions of tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans every year and plastic cotton buds are often found on the beach and in our oceans so the makers not only spent time making sure the cotton buds were plastic free, they also made sure that not even the packaging contained plastic -  no plastic window here!  They also plant a tree for every product sold!


Organic Fairtrade Eco Cotton Buds

  • Super easy. No difference to note.