I just love the patterns on these cheerful reusable wipes and they are super soft too!!  Not only will your baby or child love the feel of these, they are also kinder to skin, and can be used with just water to clean, rather than the long list of ingredients you'll find on most disposable baby wipes. And there's no waste either. Just pop these in the wash and they come up almost like new (good tip - sunshine helps a lot with stubborn stains!). 


These double sided wipes are made from 100% cotton flannel and 100% organic cotton fleece and there are 5 wipes per pack. Each wipe is around 14-15cm squared, the perfect size for wiping away muck.


These are great for babies and children to clean mucky faces and hands, or for nappy changes and cleaning bums - but choose which and stick with that purpose.  In our house we have one pattern for hands and faces, and one set for bottoms to tell them apart. Either way, you'll soon be stocking up on more of these as they really are a revolution! They make a great new mother and baby gift too. 


Also available in Rainbow Patterns and Peter Rabbit Patterns.


Roughly 14cm x 14cm. The wipes are not pre-washed therefore you can expect some shrinkage over time.

Peter Rabbit Reusable Baby & Child Wipes x 5- Little Green Wood