Since the end of January 2020, Be Planet Kind has been working with Just One Tree, to plant a tree with every order*,  but if you want to increase your positive impact on the planet, you can also add a tree (or more than one!) if you wish.


For five pounds, Just One Tree will plant at least five trees.


Every quarter, Be Planet Kind will donate £1 for every order received, and any additional 'Plant Trees' donations also made, to Just One Tree so they can work with partners to get these planted where they will have most imapct. Each quarter I'll get an updated amount for the tree counter. 


About Just One Tree

To prevent the worst impacts of climate change it is imperative we dramatically reduce our carbon emissions. However, latest climate science tells us this alone is not enough. To keep Global Warming to less than 1.5-2 degrees we need to reach net-negative emissions.  This means removing and storing more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than we're putting into it.  And how do we do that?  By planting trees. 


People and Planet

We fund reforestation organisations around the globe, focusing on areas severely affected by mass deforestation. Our partners work with communities that are committed to restoring their forests. Through training, education and employment they are lifted out of poverty, whilst simultaneously improving the environment. 


Based in the UK, we plant trees in other parts of the world such as Madasgar, Haiti and Indonesia for a number of reasons:

  • There is scientific evidence to suggest that planting forests nearer the equator has the greatest cooling effect on the planet.
  • As we're facing a climate emergency, we feel it's better to plant 10-15 trees in these countries than 1 tree closer to home.
  • It is  also in these countries that the people, as well as the soon to be extinct species, need our help.



*over £15. 

Plant Five Trees With Your Order