Now you've got Christmas rapped up, it's time to get it wrapped and what better way to do that than with this paper packaging tape! If you are using brown paper, newspaper or recycled wrapping then this is a must have to complete the look.


It's the ecologically friendly way to package as it can be recycled too (unlike the plastic stuff, which will stop the paper it's attached too from being recycled). 


It's unbleached smooth paper backing and solvent free adhesive make it environmentally friendly.


The tape itself consists of unbleached paper that contains 80% recycled fibres. The core of each roll is made from 100% recycled cardboard.


Tesa paper packaging tape is highly tear resistant but still tearable by hand.


Colour - Brown

Size - 50m x 50 mm 


Paper Packaging Tape 50 m x 50 mm

  • So easy - If you are like me, you either use no tape (which can be tricky for certain shapes and sizes) or the smallest amount you can! This tape is great as if you need to use it you won't feel guilty about it.

  • It works well and as it's so wide, you can just cut a small width and use that so you have a small sliver for minimal tape.

    Also suitable for sealing of cartons, boxes, and envelopes.