One of my best sellers, this bright and cheerful set of 10 organic rainbow make up remover wipes is getting great feedback. Switching to re-usable face wipes will save you money, create less waste and are so convenient. 


They offer easy and effective cleaning at the end of the day and are perfect for removing your makeup  - though  could have numerous uses  such as general face washing and wiping of hands etc.


They wash really well (just pop them in the organic cotton bag) and mean you no longer need to keep buying cotton wool pads, so it won't be long before they are saving you money too! 


They will soon become essential as part of your daily routine, and also make a lovely gift too. 


  • plastic free
  • reusable
  • GOTS certified  organic cotton 


These are made in India.


Wipes 100% organic cotton. Size: 9cm diameter

Wash Bag: 28 x 26cm


10 Organic Rainbow Make Up Remover Wipes & Wash/Storage bag

  • Easy - Ditch the throwaway cotton pads and reduce your waste and the resurces need to keep making disposable products (e.g land to grow cotton, water etc).

  • Use these with or your normal make up remover, or with water and soap, or oil (coconut, chamomile and rosehip are all ones I know can be used but do some research first as it will depend on your skin type) and warm water. 

    Give them a rinse immedietely after use and then either pop them in the organic wash bag (to keep them together) or straight in your washing machine and give them a proper wash (up to 60'C).

    Dry and repeat!