Finding the right conditioner bar can be tricky but this one works for me - and it smells of zingy lime! It's very solid, so easy to apply and really detangles and leaves hair super soft.


This bar will last approximately 3 months (based on usage of three times weekly and drained properly) depending on hair length, and there's no transition period when you switch from more commerical bottled conditioners which can strup your hair of its natural oils. 


It's designed to boost the appearance and feel of your hair whilst also reducing your plastic usage. This bar is universal, meaning it suitable for all hair types and only one product is needed for the whole family.


We like it because it's:

  • plasic free
  • vegan
  • cruelty-free (and there are no animal ingredients used in our workshop)
  • made from sustainably sourced ingredients (contains an ingredient that is partially palm derived which is sustainably certified)
  • it works!


Customers are so pleased with this purchase and say it's easy to apply and lasts ages. Gettting a storage tin, like the medium