A washable and reusable set of 3 Unpaper Kitchen Towels to use as an alternative to paper kitchen towels and kitchen wipes, perfect for cutting down waste and plastics in the kitchen.


Made with premium cotton terry towel these cloths are not only super-soft but are also highly absorbent. Each cloth measures approx 24cm by 24cm (9.5" by 9.5")


About Badger & Bobbins 


Badger and Bobbins is a handmade business based in Sheffield.  They are passionate about reducing waste and, in particular, reducing the need for single-use plastics.  They believe in providing simple alternatives to single or limited use items helping people to make sustainable choices.  Their mantra is, small changes made by many people can make a big difference. 

Unpaper/Paperless Kitchen Towel (3 pack) - Badger & Bobbins

  • Easy - a simple change for a sustainable lifestyle. These look sooo pretty! You just need to work out how best to store them to show them off and remember to wash them. 

  • Mop up spills, wipe dirty faces, clean tables - that kind of thing. 

    They can be machine washed and used over and over again.  Wash up to 30 degrees and add some eco-friendly antibacterial and/or sanitising powder/solution if needed.